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Holly Elliott: Osteopath & Massage Therapist at Derwent Osteopathy

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Holly works as an osteopath and massage therapist at Derwent Osteopathy. She comes from a professional dance background where her main focus was teaching which she integrated with high-level performance work.  Holly has taught nursery aged children through to professional adult classes. She has also taught in community centres, studios, and schools; and in doing so worked with people from all sorts of different backgrounds and walks of life.

Holly built on her dance experience and knowledge by studying Osteopathy at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine where she graduated with distinction in 2017.  By combining her knowledge and experience of dance and osteopathy she has a deep understanding of people and how they function. From this stand point Holly is able to assist people from injury and dysfunction to performing their best in their day to day lives.

The communication skills, ability to empathise and bring the best out of people that Holly has developed over the years is what she brings to her work as an osteopath. Holly understands that performing at our best is completely individual.  For some this means putting their socks on pain free in the morning while for others this means finishing their next ultra marathon.

During her treatments with patients Holly has a range of treatment modalities to chose from according to what each patient needs. She is able to use dry needling, manipulation, sports tape, mobilisation, soft tissue treatment, exercise prescription, nutritional and lifestyle advice.

Holly offers sports and deep tissue massage as stand alone treatments for those who want to prevent injury and speed up recovery.

Holly is also a registered practitioner with One Dance UK and Arthritis Action.

Holly – Osteopath at Derwent Osteopathy

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