Massages: Derwent Osteopathy – Consett

Regular massage will help keep your body supple, balanced, revitalized and relaxed, creating body awareness and promoting a healthy and active mind. Sports massage helps to reduce the chance of injury and speed up recovery from training to assist in preparation for exercise.

When you are in pain or discomfort, or in need of some relaxation, a massage helps relieve pain and stiffness while also providing mental and stress-relieving benefits.

During the massage, your therapist will use their hands to soothe away knots, tightness and tension held in stiff, sore, aching muscles that may have caused discomfort, pain or stress, encouraging relaxation.

Who can massage help?

Massages can help a range of ailments in addition to common issues such as back, shoulder or general muscle pain, arthritic pain, or digestive problems.

If you are recovering from injury or illness, massage stimulates weak and inactive muscles compensating for lack of exercise and inactivity. Massage increases the white blood cell count and endorphins, and stimulates blood circulation assist a speed recovery.

If you’re active or trying to be more active, massage can provide relief to muscle strain, tension, fatigue and stiffness. It will help improve the range of motion and flexibility in joints, as well as balance and posture.

The mental health benefits of massage are well-known in helping decrease the effects of anxiety, tension and depression.

What to expect:

When you have a massage, your therapist will use their hands and essential oils to make gentle movements across your muscles to lengthen and relax them. Our therapists use a combination of stretching, pressure, deep, firm, gentle or still techniques and movements.

You will need to remove some of your clothing, but not all and your therapist will step out the room to give you privacy when preparing for a massage.

Massages – Derwent Osteopathy, Consett